Diabetes UK Team Wins Big Charity Pub Quiz 2019

Manifesto Big Charity Pub Quiz 2019

Thursday 13th June saw the skies above the Exmouth Market Centre glow with unearthly hues as the Manifesto Big Charity Pub Quiz landed for its annual investigation into the general knowledge of the human charity workers of London. Quizzers from 15 charity teams were brave enough to enter our ship, where they competed for the £1,000 top prize and the famed pub quiz trophy!

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Video Highlights


How to cook for humans

Teams were greeted at the bar with glowing G&Ts, space raiders and, at their tables, flying saucers and UV face paint!


And after the short intro video, it was time for a special guest to begin introducing the rounds:

Round 1: General Knowledge

As always, the competition kicked off with questions from an old board game acquired from a charity shop. This year our dazzling host Jim Bowes rifled through the Matchbox Trivia game, bought from Scope in Wimbledon, for posers tough enough to tax the minds of our intergalactic guests.

Round 2: Food

As Wallace and Gromit proved beyond any shadow of a doubt, the moon is made of cheese. We recently sent a small landing party from Manifesto to gather rocks from a variety of locations on Earth’s largest satellite, and brought the samples back for our teams to identify.

Round 3: Music

The third round was the ‘name that tune’ round. This year, looking to recreate the ethereal sounds of 70s sci-fi, we recruited Theremin legend Charlie Draper (who’s performing at Glastonbury next week) to render some suitably spacey themes:

1. The mysterons (captain scarlet)

2. Star Trek (original tv theme)

3. Space Oddity

4. The Force Theme / Beyond the Stars (Star Wars)

5. Fly me to the moon

Charlie then lead us into the break with a rendition of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Teams were treated with space themed macarons to go with their space raider crisps, and flying saucer sweets!

Round 4: Film

We introduced our movie round with previous star Al returning to Manifesto to undergo a timely regeneration in the, ahem, tardis. Enter Phil, to play a starring lead opposite Hugh in our now-famous film recreations.



In space, no one can hear you Scrum.


The Empire Strikes Back

Han So-so.



He is afraid. He is alone. He is 3 million light years from a decent broadband connection.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Some Marvel-ous performances here, including a human-assisted appearance by Aalto.


Mars Attacks

Warning – there’s some disconcertingly realistic gore in this one. And an equally disconcerting glamorous turn by Hugh.

Bonus Rounds

Throughout the night, our teams were challenged with our bonus rounds. First up, the perennial ‘best team selfie’ competition, won this year by Parkinson’s UK:

The ruling was contested by Independent Age, but is this a selfie…?

The second challenge featured AR beermats, which beamed a series of clues to the teams courtesy of our very own Princess Adi.

Q: Princess Adi has recovered the plans for an unidentified space ship, but this time it isn’t the Death Star. Can you help her identify which spaceship using the clues hidden in your beer mat? Hurry, you are her only hope!

Pub Quiz Beer Mat

And the winner is…

The teams dropped out of warp speed to find themselves in a three-way tie for first place! In true quiz style, we played spin the wheel to fairly decide our winners. After quite a few spins, I realised there weren’t enough ‘win’ options… but we kept going regardless!

And this was the result:

1st – Diabetes UK (£1000 and trophy)

2nd – Anthony Nolan (£400 and shield)

3rd – Alzheimer’s Society (Name a star)

The prize for coming third this year was getting to name a star. Alzheimer’s Society have named a star WOLAH! I’ve been told it’s an in joke… sorry!

On that note, we’re all spaced out from this year’s quiz! Feel you missed out? You did! Be sure to join us next year!

As always, you can catch all of our upcoming events here, or sign up to our exclusive events invite list.

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