BIG Charity Quiz: the Questions (and Answers)

The 1st Annual BIG Charity Digital Pub Quiz saw 14 teams from 10 charities compete over 40 bamboozling brain teasers for top prize of a £2,000 donation, plus the much-coveted trophy. Here are those questions – posed on the night by quizmaster Jim Bowes – so you can relive the experience or, if you weren’t there, pit yourself against the best minds in the UK charity digital scene.

(In proper quiz book style, you’ll need to go to the end for the answers…)

Round 1: General knowledge

All the questions in this round were supplied by the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Bite-Size that I picked up from an (unnamed) charity shop for £1 earlier in the day. The colour of each question was determined by a coloured die which teams took it in turn to roll.

1. (Entertainment) Which daughter of a former Blue Peter presenter charted with Murder on the Dancefloor?

2. (History) Which dictator is known to his supporters as El Maximo?

3. (Science and Nature) What is the base unit of mass in the metric system?

4. (Sport and Leisure) Which board game sports a picture of Rich Uncle Pennybags?

5. (Geography) Which region of France shares its name with a cabbage and a London hotel?

6. (Entertainment) What did Madonna and Guy Ritchie christen their son during a 2000 ceremony at Dornoch Cathedral?

7. (Geography) Which island houses America’s controversial X-ray prisoner of war camp?

8. (History) When people refer to September 11 which year are they inevitably talking about?

9. (Science and Nature) What is the most popular creature for eating both before it is born and after it is dead?

10. (Sport and Leisure) Which unfancied host nation knocked Spain out of the 2002 World Cup?

Round 2: Cheese

Jim left this round to me to devise, suggesting that he make it a ‘bit cheesy’. Metaphor was never my strong suit.

Questions 1 to 5 – name the cheese. (It is not necessary to name the grapes.)


6) Name the actress who played Bree Van de Kamp in Desparate Housewives.

7) Hard cheese question: what type of rennet is used in the production of Parmesan?

8) In what year did John McEnroe get so cheesed off that he exclaimed “you cannot be serious”?

9) Say cheese! What’s special about this photo?


10) What do you call a cheese that’s not your cheese?

Round 3: FunTech

This round saw the seamless integration of technology into the BIG Charity Digital Pub Quiz format. Sound clips were played. Seamlessly.

1) In January the record was broken for writing a particular game in as few lines of computer code as possible. Which game?

2) – 5) Identify the video games from which the following sound clips come:

6) Who’s in this picture?


7) Who’s in this picture?


8) Who’s in this picture?


9) What was the 3rd biggest selling computer game of the 80s?

10) Who invented the Rubik’s Cube? (First name is essential.)

Round 4: Music

This round was made possible by the ivory-tinkling skills of Manifesto’s Richard Hanson whose abilities as a Drupal developer are matched only by his musicality. Splendidly attired in waistcoat and tie, Rich busted out ten intros on an upright piano and our quizees were invited to name both the tune and the original artist (or, in the case of number 8, the film in which the song features).


Round 1

1) Sophie Ellis Bextor

2) Fidel Castro

3) The kilogram

4) Monopoly

5) Savoy

6) Rocco

7) Cuba

8) 2001

9) Chicken

10) South Korea

Round 2

1) – 5) Brie, Cheddar, Red Leicester,  Stilton, Wensleydale & Cranberry

6) Marcia cross

7) Calf Rennet

8) 1981

9) It is widely claimed to be the world’s 1st photograph

10) Nacho cheese

Round 3

1) Chess

2) Pac-Man

3) Prince of Persia

4) The Sims

5) Sonic the Hedgehog

6) World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee

7) Electricity pioneer and Alternating Current inventor Nikola Tesla

8) Google co-founder Larry Page

9) Duck Hunt

10) Erno Rubik

Round 4

1) Alright, Supergrass

2) Jump, Van Halen

3) Don’t stop believing, Journey

4) Dance of the sugar plum fairy, Tchaikovsky

5) Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

6) Bills, Bills, Bills, Destiny’s Child

7) Gimme some lovin’, The Spencer Davis Group

8) You Give a Little Love, Bugsy Malone

9) Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

10) Hey Jude, The Beatles

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