Creating the Manifesto Brand #4 – The Finished Brand

So after two design rounds on our preferred direction we’re finally in possession of our brand guidelines.

There are four main elements to the guidelines: the Primary Logo, the Secondary Logos, the Fonts and the Colour Palette.

Lets take a look…

The Primary Logo

This is the main Manifesto Logo which we’ll use on the website, documents, business cards etc. We felt it was really important to define clearly how the logo was to be used to avoid diluting or defiling the great work of What Katie Does.


There’s another sheet which stipulates how much space to leave around the logo but we’ll leave that out for the sake of brevity)

Secondary Logos

Pretty self-explanatory. As you can see we dropped the cogs and went for the people/screen combos instead.



For use on the website, proposals and presentations etc.


The ‘fallback font’ is what we instruct web browsers to use when they don’t have access to the brand fonts.

It’s important to remember when using your brand on the web that the look and readability of site might appear differently depending on what technology is used to view it. (Our website is fully mobile responsive and displays for optimum usability regardless of what device users are accessing it with.)

The Colour Palette

Katie very precisely set out a colour scheme for the brand and we don’t want to disrupt that by slapping the logo on any old background.


And that’s it! We were now armed and dangerous – ready to take on the world with our finished visual identity. Our Manifesto, if you will, of how to present ourselves to the world.

Well, as soon as we’d incorporated our sweet new branding into our website. But that’s another story…

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