Gathering pledges to save the climate

Experience: Digital design and build

The Meat Free Monday Climate Pledge campaign, headed by Mary and Stella McCartney, asked people to pledge their support for a weekly meat free day in the run up to the UN Climate Summit in September 2014. They needed a one page website to capture the pledges.

What we did

We worked quickly to build a one page website on the WordPress platform that could capture pledges via an online form. Hosted by WP Engine the site was capable of meeting a steep ramp up in demand over short time-frames.


How it went

In the two weeks before the climate summit the campaign gathered tens of thousands of pledges – helped along by the social media reach of #MFMclimatepledge and a video message by Sir Paul McCartney that went viral courtesy of his rapping skills.

What this means for your project

Some of the best campaigns and fundraising drives are reactive. In conjunction with WP Engine we can help you quickly build robust, secure websites, which are capable of dealing with large fluctuations in demand, so that your campaigns hit their intended targets.

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