Event: Using Agile to create personalised digital experiences

We’re hosting an event at our office on the 20th November aimed at people who work in the charity and non-profit sectors.

If you’re interested in Agile, digital and personalised user experiences we’d love it if you joined us for some presentations, a drink and some chat.

Using Agile to create personalised digital experiences

Where: Manifesto Digital, 1st Floor, Gensurco House, 52-54 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4RP

When: November 20th, 6.30pm

The evening will feature three illustrious speakers from the digital world:

Jim Bowes – CEO, Manifesto Digital

Agile and the age of context

Jim Bowes, Manifesto Digital

Jim Bowes is a Scrum coach, occasional stand-up comedian, regular speaker at Agile events and CEO of Manifesto Digital. Manifesto uses Agile methods to deliver bespoke digital solutions to organisations such as Cancer Research UK, The Children’s Society and National Trust. They also provide Agile coaching and training to businesses large and small. Jim will deliver an introduction to Agile and explain how implementations like Scrum and KanBan can be used to make digital and comms teams in the charity and non-profit sectors keep up in digital.

Cameron Tod – Acquia

Presenting the Acquia Lift platform

Cameron Tod, Acquia

Cameron is a Solutions Architect at Acquia, where he works to match Drupal and Acquia products and services with client needs. He contributes to Drupal core, maintains several community modules, and speaks at Drupal community events. Prior to joining Acquia, Cameron was Team Lead of Drupal teams at NBC Universal and Red Bee Media. He’ll be presenting and demonstrating Acquia Lift, a platform which sits in the content workflow of a Drupal website and which allows for the creation of personalised digital experiences based on a variety of visitor signals.

Jon Clarke – Director of Innovation, Space and Time Media

70:20:10 Test : Reward – Success!

Jon Clarke, Space and Time Media

25 years in advertising, 15 in digital, working across all manner of brands from Coca Cola to eBay, Pfizer to Taylor Wimpey. Jon cut his teeth at top London agencies and ran his own digital one. He now heads up Innovation at Space & Time Media, looking at what’s new, wonderful, testing and rewarding in the ever-evolving digital media sphere. His presentation will put the case for putting an innovative testing approach at the heart of your digital media buying, explaining how it can help in reducing costs and make you successful.

There will then be a chance for a drink and informal chat with the presenters and other attendees at the event.

Register your place

If you’d like to attend just drop us a line via our usual enquiry form.

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  1. Mike Green says:

    Looking forward to coming ..


  2. Natasha Dowling says:

    It looks like an interesting evening!

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