We’re an award winning London based digital agency that loves ideas, design and technology

We aim to make people’s lives better, easier, fairer, more interesting or fun with great strategy, engaging campaigns and rock solid technology.

Digital Experience

We always take user needs, business goals and an understanding of how value is created as our starting point to develop a strategy for your project. We then build a user experience around this, using first-class planning and beautiful design.


We use all of our collective experience to help our customers implement successful content management solutions, build bespoke, value-focused products and integrate with other platforms to create end-to-end solutions that deliver.


Our focus is firmly on delivering value. That’s why we use Agile methods and why we want to help you become Agile too. We do this by embedding ScrumMasters with client teams and by providing Agile coaching and training services.

We’re a team of marketers, designers, writers, project managers and technologists based by the delightful Exmouth Market. Come join us for a coffee and let’s talk some!

Lots of the team have projects outside of Manifesto and we believe the eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas make the sum of our parts greater than any of us on our own. Although Manifesto was founded in late 2011, many of the team have worked together for many years.

The team

  • Simon Bates

    Simon Bates


    Organising, Java, Northener

  • Jim Bowes

    Jim Bowes


    Ideas, Technology, Talking

  • Curtis Fox

    Curtis Fox


    Curries, Solutions, Heart

  • Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler


    People, Musical, Experimental

  • Colin Goodwin

    Colin Goodwin

    Sales and Marketing Assistant

    Writer, Thinker, Tinker

  • Louise Bliss

    Louise Bliss

    Project Manager

    Planning, Finding, Fate (London)

  • Matthew Crowfoot

    Matthew Crowfoot

    Content Manager

    Acting, Wordpress, Doing

  • Jamie Griffiths

    Jamie Griffiths

    Content Manager

    Writer, Thinker, Theatre-maker

  • Niamh McCafferty

    Niamh McCafferty

    Digital Producer

    Projects, Baker, Irish

  • Barbara Marcantonio

    Barbara Marcantonio

    Design and UX

    Tomatoes, Smile, Ukulele

  • Richard Hansen

    Richard Hansen

    PHP Developer

    Musician, Coder, Tea

  • Rabbia Kasi

    Rabbia Kasi

    Java Developer

    Focussed, Learning, Swindon

  • Kris Pomphrey

    Kris Pomphrey

    Web Developer

    Guitarist, Gamer, Code Monkey

  • David Thompson

    David Thompson

    Java Developer

    Research, Travel, Technology

  • Leon Sinclair

    Leon Sinclair

    Web Developer

    Inquisitive, Time, Traveller

  • Dryden Williams

    Dryden Williams

    Web Developer

    Sport, Doodling, Cooking

  • Mario Martinez

    Mario Martinez

    Java Developer

    Android, Runner, Cook

70:20:10 Test:Reward:Success – An iterative approach to paid media

We recently held an event for charity and non-profit digital teams about how Agile can help make digital and comms teams more effective. Jon Clarke, Director of Innovation at Space and Time Media delivered a great presentation on the use of testing in paid media campaigns and how an iterative approach is essential for long term success. He also very kindly agreed to write the talk up for the Manifesto blog.

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