Marketing Automation

Utilise Marketing Automation to draw insights from your customer data to deliver a truly personalised, multi-channel user experience using Adobe Campaign and our certified team of experts.


Unlock the value of your data

Efficient and consistent data models lead to smoother data operations. We can model and clean your data according to your business requirements, streamline your database architecture through automation, and integrate with other popular CRMs, such as Salesforce and Oracle on Demand, making it easy to utilise your existing data through Adobe Campaign’s marketing platform to deliver cross-channel experiences.

Gain powerful customer insights

Develop an overview of all your customer data, making it easy to manage and inspect data at a glance. Using Campaign’s rich feature-set of data analysis tools, we can help you generate meaningful insights to support your business objectives.

Deploy targeted communications, with personalised content

Provide personalised content and modular emails to customers at scale, whilst retaining the ability to fine tune your delivery content when needed. We can refine your targeting criteria to the smallest detail, ensuring both the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Optimising personalisation at National Trust

We helped the UK’s largest conservation charity personalise the user experience of supporters to make sure they were receiving the most relevant content for their needs, and streamline their communications processes through automation. Read more.

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