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People, Planet, Community

The past few years have seen social and environmental concerns pushed up the corporate agenda, as organisations have increasingly woken up to their responsibilities beyond shareholder profit. We must now take our place besides government and not-for-profits to help tackle some of societies biggest problems. TPXimpact was founded as an impact-driven business. We are proud of the work that we do to ensure that as the business grows, it does so responsibly, with the best interests of our People, Planet, and Community in mind.

Our People

We are closing the gaps that exist in our business and wider industry.

We're working to ensure sustainable futures for all of our people through a focus on employee wellbeing & satisfaction and workforce diversity, inclusion & equity.

As a professional services organisation we do not underestimate the importance of the health, wellbeing and satisfaction of our workforce. We’re creating an environment that helps diverse talent to thrive. We are a high growth, high impact business that relies on competent, committed and high performing employees. We foster a positive work environment that supports personal and professional growth and respects work-life balance.

The work that we are doing is helping to shape how societies experience the world, from their digital experiences, from how they access and navigate local services. We do not underestimate how important it is therefore to have a workforce that is representative of the communities that they are serving so that we can ensure our solutions work for everybody.

We are actively working to reduce our DEI gaps wherever they exist. We have a lot more work to do, but are committed to sharing our progress transparently to holding ourselves to account.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Below you can find our 2023 progress.

  • Women 50% of our workforce and 36% of our senior workforce are women

  • Ethnic minorities 19% of our total workforce and 11% of our senior workforce are from minority ethnic backgrounds, compared to 14% of the UK population

  • Disability 8% of our total workforce and 6% of our senior workforce identify as having a disability, compared to 16% of the UK working age population

  • LGBTQI+ 15% of our total workforce and 8% of our senior workforce are LGTBQI+, compared to 2% of the UK population

  • Neurodiversity 23% of our total workforce and 14% of our senior workforce identify as neurodiverse, compared to 14% of the UK population

  • Gender pay gap 15% is our mean gender pay gap. Our median gap is 19%

  • Ethnic pay gap 14% is our mean gender pay gap. Our median gap is 20%

  • Inclusion We measure inclusion scores for all communities within TPXimpact to make sure that our people's experience here is not effected by their background or characteristics. Overall, our people rated their overall sense of belonging and inclusion as 6.7/10, or 67%.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion TPXimpact strives for equity of opportunity for all, at every level of the business.

Our commitment to the planet

We’re making the planet our stakeholder, putting climate action and protecting the environment at the heart of our business.

Carbon neutral

TPXimpact is carbon neutral. We’re committed to measuring, understanding, reducing and removing our effect on the planet, through combatting our emissions, and supporting our employees in climate action.

Our climate Employee Resource Group, electric vehicle leasing and cycle to work schemes are just some of the ways we’re removing barriers to help our people protect the planet. We offset any emissions that we cannot avoid each year through Ecologi which funds carbon reduction and tree planting.

In 2022, we submitted our B Corp application, committing ourselves to look out for all stakeholders, including our planet.

Our communities

We are kickstarting one thousand careers, investing both our time and money in activities that are equipping our communities with the skills they need to thrive in the future workplace.

Equipping our communities with future-proof skills

The tech sector is growing at an exciting pace and we need to make sure that there are no pockets of society that are locked out of the industry through a lack of investment in future proof skills. That is why we donate 1% of our pre-tax profits and 1% of our employees time to invest in our local communities.

  • Charity 50 charities supported through our community investment initiatives

  • Careers 605 careers kickstarted with future proof skills through our community action and community investment programmes

  • Community 1650 hours donated to community action in FY21

  • Future Leaders 5 entrepreneurs supported through our Future Leaders Programme in FY21