The Agile Path
to Digital

Learn how to innovate faster, create value quicker and delight customers sooner.

Is your organisation well-placed for navigating the next decade of technological and behavioural change?

Are you engaged in a process of continuous transformation that allows you to react to changing internal factors, external competitors, industry trends and new competitors?

Are you removing barriers to change and reducing the time it takes to get from insight to value creation?

Agile ways of working enable all of the above by shifting the focus away from process and onto collaboration. They empower small, multi-disciplinary, self-organising teams to generate insights about how to create value and get new products and campaigns to market quickly, so they can be tested, evaluated and improved upon.

71% of organisations which have adopted Agile cite the ability to manage changing priorities as a key benefit¹

The Agile Path to Digital Transformation is an accessible new introduction to Agile methodologies and strategies, which lays out:

the principles which underpin Agile methods;

the benefits of Agile in comparison to traditional methods;

key concepts in Agile product development.

It also includes Agile tools and resources that can be used in any size or type of organisation to achieve startup-style innovation and react more successfully to a rapidly changing world.

¹ VersionOne 12th Annual State of Agile Report

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