Anna’s challenge: Race for Life – Part 3 – Challenge complete!

Well, I did it!  It’s a few weeks ago now but still time to report back on race day and offer a few final thoughts on my Race for Life experience.


Race day

I arrived nice and early to sample the atmosphere and take part in the warm up.

According to the app which I’d been using to keep track of news of the event I would be one amongst approximately 1800 women taking part in the 5k race. Add to that the somewhat braver-than-me girls tackling the 10k and Victoria Park was once again a sea of pink.

The starting line

The weather wasn’t kind however as the heavens opened at 10.59am just as the race was about to start. I placed myself somewhere in between the runners and joggers figuring I was aiming to get round in a steady pace. I’d like to say I went on the b of the bang….but the truth is I strolled across the start line due to the number of entrants, but the field quickly spread out and I was able to begin the race in earnest.

The race

My mini support group (thanks to friends, family and #teammanifesto for coming to cheer me on) were positioned about half way round the first lap.

I gave a wave as I raced (erm, well jogged) by only to find out later that half the group didn’t actually see me!  The second lap was better; with the group positioned closer to the finish it was good to see everyone when I was flailing a bit.

I thought I’d pick up the pace a bit as I went by, passing a few other runners in the process. Serves me right though as I was further from the finish line than I thought so ended up slowing again. Nevertheless, the end did come soon enough and I was delighted to reach the end in a personal best time.


The next challenge?

The thing is, I think I’ve kind of caught the running bug.

I enjoyed the training and entering the race gave me the motivation to keep going. I’m hoping to keep it up – I’ve even got myself some new trainers! I’m hoping they are a little bit magic.

I feel fitter and healthier, and am proud to have raised a little bit to help a worthy cause.  What’s not to like? So what’s the next challenge? Well, drop a few more kg and maybe next year I’ll be back to tackle a longer distance.

At the start of this journey I would never have guessed I’d be contemplating that.

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