Anna’s challenge: Racing for Life, Part 1

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need a new challenge.  Summer is coming (at least I’m hoping it is) so that must mean it’s time to get fit.

I was pretty sporty at school, but aside from some manic pre wedding exercise DVDs and subsequent swimming and yoga during pregnancy, I have done very little since those old days.  Whatever I was going to come up with was going to have to be pretty motivating.

At Manifesto we’ve worked quite a bit with Cancer Research UK so Race for Life seems like a good idea.  So, possibly against my better judgement, I have signed up.

I will admit I am a little scared

I know you can ‘walk, jog or even dance your way round’, but the über- competitive me won’t allow anything less than a gut-busting run and a personal best time.  And having never run 5km before (I’m not that silly, 10km first time round would be just too far) I need to do some serious training.

The sign up process was really straight forward and my pack arrived in the post in double quick time.  I have a running number (for the record it’s 85), a sponsor form, a poster, and a whole load of tips and suggestions on how to go about raising money for this great cause.


And it’s all very pink.

I’ve downloaded the beginners training schedule [pdf] from the Race website and have made a start.

A false start

It’s a six week training programme, so my thinking was I’ll work my way through this, then step it up to ensure I can get round in a decent (for me) time.  I followed the programme to the letter……for a week and a half.

Then it seemed to be raining and really dark all the time.  Not very inspiring.  How do people who work, and have children to look after, and everything else, find the time to fit in proper training??

The fear is setting in though, so this week I started again.  Week one of Operation “get round the course and still be standing at the end” has begun in earnest.   Let’s hope I can keep it up and that next month I’ll be letting you all know it’s going really well and I’m on track for a great time.

D-Day.  Saturday 28th June.  15 weeks to go

Not that I’m counting.

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