AUA: Hugh and Jim talk decision making

Business Director Hugh James, and CEO Jim Bowes are taking questions, as they start Ask Us Anything Zoom chats (making use of available tech). These short videos aim to answer your questions, but as this is the first one, they picked their own topic to kick things off!


What to expect

Hugh and Jim will be discussing their experiences of decision making, and ways to optimise good ones, including:

  • What makes decisions more challenging? And how does this differentiate from personal life to work life?
  • Why is it important to value diversity in decision making?
  • How can AI support better decision making?


AUA: Decision making


Up next

Please get in touch via the blog comments below, or tweet @ManifestoLondon, with your questions and suggestions for what you’d like to hear next. We won’t anchor you with any ideas just yet…

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