Best Fatwire and Webcenter Sites Resources

Oracle bought up Fatwire Software back in June 2011 which was fantastic for the platform but also led to quite a bit of upheaval in terms of the support infrastructure and somewhat rearranged the platform’s ecosystem of experts.

While Fatwire Content Server 7.6 was rebranded as an Oracle product almost immediately the first official release of Oracle WebCenter to include the new WebCenter Sites was Oracle WebCenter 11gR1 ( which rolled out in February 2012.

Fatwire Software-provided support ended in April 2012 and was transferred to Oracle.

I’ve been working with Fatwire and Webcenter Sites for many a moon. Here’s my up to date (and hopefully continually growing) list of the best available online resources for learners, intermediate users and experts.


Oracle Webcenter Sites Documentation

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Webcenter Sites docs on the manufacturer’s own site including instructions on upgrading from Fatwire Content Server 7.6. Indisputable but dry.

Oracle Fatwire Documentation

This is where Oracle is hosting all the Fatwire Content Server docs including the administrator and developer guides. For now…

Groups and Communities

Oracle Webcenter Sites Discussion Forum

Now that the Fatwire Community has been decommissioned this is the place to go for Webcenter Sites architecture, design and site creation discussions.

Webcenter Sites Google Group

Don’t let the continual changes to Google Group’s UI put you off: this is rapidly becoming the most vibrant unofficial WCS forum.

Fatwire Yahoo Group

Activity has dropped off significantly since the acquisition but there are still a few hardcore members left to answer your Fatwire queries.

Fatwire LinkedIn Group

Lots of recruitment activity, as you’d expect on LinkedIn, but most serious questions get responses.



Dermot Butterfield’s nice set of basic Fatwire tutorials is a good starter for newcomers.


The team at Function 1 is building up a good head of steam with their Webcenter Sites blogging. They’re now moving from beginner material into more intermediate territory.


Still going strong. Michele Sciabarra and his crack team of Fatwire champions aren’t shy with their opinions on what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your Fatwire builds.

Mohit Bansal

Mohit hasn’t blogged about Webcenter sites in a while but the 5 he’s done so far provide a good outline with lots of detail.

Manifesto’s Fatwire and Webcenter Sites Blog

This is just the beginning. We’re aiming to become a serious resource for Fatwire and WCS developers and administrators. Bookmark us and come back soon…


Anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below…

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