BIMA D-Day Digital Design Challenge with Aylward Academy

Manifesto teamed up with the students of Aylward Academy to take on the BIMA D-Day challenges.

There were three groups each tackling a different challenge. Here’s what the team working on the Digital Design Challenge came up against.

The Brief

Design something digital that will benefit your local community.

A tough ask but there was no daunting this group:


The Workings

An initial brainstorm session generated a load of ideas:



You can already see a strong theme emerging (you might need to click on the image to see the detail).

Here a few more images that illustrate the thought processes:


The Elevator Statement

The next step was to nail down the idea in the form of an elevator statement – a concise description of what the solution was, who it was aimed at, what it does and why it’s good.




The team’s solution, mypastyourpresent.com is summed up in the following statement:

‘Read my past, share your present’

It’s targeted at the young and mature members of the community.

It features the facility for sharing stories between generations: stories of the past from the mature members of the community and stories of the present from the youth.

It’s good because it bridges gaps, allows for learning, allows the sharing of stories that might otherwise die, it’s a visual experience, promotes understanding within the community and enables the discovery of new things.

The Design

The team worked with Gareth our designer to come up with a poster for the solution. First came a few rough drafts…




Followed by something closer to the final version:




And the final version worked up by Gareth:


The Radio Spot

We also helped the team to write and record a 30 second radio spot to promote mypastyourpresent.com

Here’s script they generated:



And here’s the commercial:

The Video Pitch

And the last piece of the jigsaw was a one minute video pitch for the solution:

BIMA D Day design challenge – Alyward Academy My Past Your Present from manifestovstech on Vimeo.

Great work team – you really rose to the challenge and produced a solution designed to address some key concerns of the community. Thank you!


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