BIMA D-Day Mobile App Design Challenge with Aylward Academy

As part of the BIMA D-Day challenges that Manifesto took on with Aylward Academy one of the teams had to take on a brief to design a mobile app. Here’s how they got on.



The Brief

Design a mobile app of the future.

Pretty open ended – but our group rose to the challenge with gusto.

The Workings

An initial brainstorm quickly fixed on the idea of a fashion-related app:



Elevator Statement

Encapsulating the solution in a concise but thorough statement of intent proved no trouble for this team:



The name? Fashion Fix

The target market? 16-35s, interested in fashion, trendsetters, office workers and bargain hunters.

The problem it solves? Busy lifestyle, saving money, preventing fashion disasters and inspiring creativity.

Why’s it great? It’s free, it’s mobile, it creates outfits, it finds the cheapest prices and best locations, it offers 3D rotation of outfits and it’s convenient.

Or, to put it another way:


The Design

Now for the tough task of actually designing the app. Was our team fazed? Not a bit of it.



With the help of designer Gareth and developer David, the team managed to map out some amazing user journeys:



Here’s a bit more detail:



The Radio Spot

Now all that remained was to promote the app. Here’s the 30 second radio commercial the team produced to go with it:

The Video Pitch

And here’s the one minute pitch for potential investors.

BIMA D Day Mobile challenge – Aylward Academy Fashion Fix from manifestovstech on Vimeo.

A great pitch about an awesome app from a wicked team. Thanks for putting in so much hard work guys!

If any Dragons are watching – don’t miss out on getting in on the ground floor of Fashion Fix.

It’s got WIN written all over it.

Here’s what Manifesto developer David Thompson had to say about working with the team:

“I found the day truly inspiring and also lots of fun! There is so much talent and fresh concepts in young people. They don’t focus on the limitations they might encounter, only on the ideas they want to achieve. If the Bima D-Day made at least one of them think about further developing those ideas and make them realize it is possible it was totally worth it.”

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