BIMA D-Day Social Media Challenge with Aylward Academy

Aylward Academy and Manifesto’s BIMA D-Day challenges required one team of students to take on a social media campaign. Would they rise to the social occasion?


The Brief

Design a social media campaign for a new fashion store.

The Workings

An initial brainstorm generated a lot of ideas and some hotly debated opinions on exactly what kind of shop the team should be running.

After fixing on a wedding store (decided by popular vote), choosing a name was even more tricky and looking to be falling foul of being boring through design by committee until Leandro pulled Down the Aisle out of the bag.

The approval was unanimous, the team energised.

The Elevator Statement

Exactly what the brand meant and stood for required some thought and was encapsulated in this statement of intent:


Down the Aisle provides suitable wedding attire for all types of nearly-weds quickly and easily.

The target audience are aged 21+, are men and women, about to get married, and who belong to the mass market.

The features include wedding packages, suggestions, matching for different body types, videos and images of the range.

The Mood Board

Defining the store’s look and feel would be a lot easier with a mood board:


The Design

Want a Down the Aisle facebook page? You got it – with a little help from designer Gareth:



As well as coming up with a cover picture and logo the team put together 11 individual posts for the page including polls, video posts (of a wedding proposal with the hashtag #asktoday), albumsquestions for fanspreviews of new ranges, and responses to fan’s comments.

The Tweets

The team also put together responses to some rather cheeky tweets sent by BIMA:



“We have a variety of different ranges to suit every season #downtheaisle @XXX”

“Our follower count says different #5k @XXX” (in response to “your store is a joke shop #noidea #nostyle)

“Visit http://goo.gl/kxplw2 to browse through our product range”

The Radio Spot

Of course no launch of any new fashion store would be complete without a 30 second radio commercial:

The Video Pitch

And investors are sure to be flocking after seeing this 1 minute pitch video:

BIMA D-DAY social challenge – Alyward Academy Down The Aisle from manifestovstech on Vimeo.

Manifesto’s Jamie Griffiths had this to say about his experience of working with the social media team:

“Your work was absolutely stellar, team. The number of ideas you generated and the energy with which you turned them into a concept made me look average by comparison. Thanks for a great day!”

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