BIMA Digital Day ’17 at The Lantern of Knowledge School

What a day! Manifesto took part in the 2017 BIMA Digital Day, and although Manifesto have helped in the past, for those representing this year, it was a first for us all!


Rebecca, Adam, Vaughan and myself joined the Lantern of Knowledge school in Leyton, where we opened the doors to the world of the digital industry and helped the students tackle BIMA’s challenges.

We were also joined by Kerensa and Polly from The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (known as iDEA). iDEA helps people enhance their chances in the job market by helping them develop digital and enterprise skills for free.


The digital industry

The aim of the day was to inspire the students with the technology and opportunities available in digital, and busting those myths around the career prospects available.

Even though we now live in a world where digital is the air people breath, there is always the opportunity to surprise and elate people with new ideas and breakthrough technologies. One of these examples was Joto, a creative display to ‘turn your pixels into pen and ink’.

We kicked off the day with a variation of our Agile Estimating task, which (sorry those who have previously taken part in our Intro to Agile events) included sweets. It was great to see the students getting stuck in, with very logical approaches being heard from each team as they worked together to solve the task.



The Challenges


There were three challenges for the students to choose from, so the class was split into three groups to tackle one of these each. The challenges were picked out of a hat so all was fair!


Challenge #1 – LVE Insurance


Pets are like family members, so how can we look after them better, using digital technologies and social channels?

“Bring pet insurance to life it a way that hasn’t been thought of before.”



PetBit is a collar that monitors your pet’s health by measuring their heart rate and temperature, and by tracking their steps via GPS. The GPS feature is also helpful should your pet go missing! The data is easily accessible via the free PetBit app, which features simple emoji notifications to update you on the health and happiness of your pet.

This technology will monitor vital signs, allowing you full visibility of any changes to your pet’s health. This product could be offered at a discounted price when pet insurance is purchased from LVE, giving you confidence your pet is in safe hands.

The pitch included reviews from those with pets that are now benefitting from PetBit, which helped to strengthen this unique offering.



Challenge 2 – The Dianna Award Anti-Bullying campaign


With new technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence becoming the norm in everyday life, how can we harness them in an innovative way to improve one of two aspects in school life.

How could this tackle bullying in school or online?

How could this improve your learning, making your school day more engaging?


DWS – Digital Working Space


Digital Working Space (DWS) is an interactive table that can be assembled in groups for collaborative working in schools. Using AI, the software recognises the unique way each student prefers to learn, personalising the experience for optimum engagement. Using password protection such as face and fingerprint recognition, the students can log in to DWS, and once they are not present, they are automatically logged out in order to keep their personal profile secure.

Teachers have a higher access level, enabling them to freeze access to DWS when the students need to engage directly with them. It also allows them to share specific websites they want students to use at one given time, and share worksheets digitally with a swipe of the hand.

The tables can be used as one unit to display larger images such as world maps in geography lessons. And can be connected both nationally and globally for ultimate collaboration.



Challenge 3 – BIMA


The fashion and beauty industry is really leading the way for wearable tech, with examples from Nicole Scherzinger wearing the first ever Twitter dress, and Ariana Grande using the Mimu music gloves.

With this in mind, develop a piece of wearable tech that will help you with one aspect of your life.




MULTIBAND boasts ‘stress free functionality’, a wristband that holds all of your personal information, from credit card details to passports, so that you’ll never leave the house unprepared again.

With busy stressful lives, it’s easy to run out of the house without your Oyster card, let alone your packed lunch. And that’s where MULTIBAND steps in. Having all of your information secured in one place (secured by face recognition to lock and unlock).

The product can be personalised at an added cost too.



A Dragon’s Den style panel of judges were appointed to decide on a winning idea, as well as ask a few questions of their own. The students were also very keen to engage with fellow classmates with a number of on point questions and technical focus.

After some careful deliberation, and totting up of points, the Dragons awarded PetBit the title, and the opportunity to be put forward into the national competition.


Keep inspiring


Thank you to the Year 10 students at The Lantern of Knowledge School for being so engaged and creative in the way they approached the BIMA Digital Day challenges. And to the teachers who helped organise such a successful day!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the national competition, and hope that the students check out iDEA to further enhance their digital skills for what is going to be an exciting future of technology.

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