Leading digital agency Deeson is now part of TPX Manifesto

Deeson leadership team

We’re very excited to announce that leading open source digital agency Deeson is now part of Manifesto, following an acquisition by The Panoply. This opens up tremendous opportunities for the combined company, as our complementary skills and experiences join to form a powerhouse agency capable of delivering truly transformative work, at scale, for our growing roster of exceptional clients.

A great addition to The Panoply and Manifesto

Friends of Manifesto will already be aware that our agency became part of The Panoply, a group of technology services companies assembled under a decentralised operating model, when it listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange earlier this month. Today, The Panoply announced the acquisition of Deeson, a 17-person London- and Canterbury-based digital agency which will rebrand as TPX Manifesto.

Deeson has an incredible reputation for delivering superlative digital experiences for clients including ITV, BDO, Barnardo’s, Robbie Williams and The Imperial War Museum. Just like Manifesto, they work in an Agile way, strive to foster an open and transparent culture, and have amassed considerable expertise with open-source digital experience platforms like Drupal and Acquia. Their values and way of working fit well with TPX Manifesto’s core aim, to collaborate with exceptional organisations to change things for the better. They’re also accredited for ISO9001 and ISO27001.

All of which means our combined forces will open up tremendous new opportunities to grow, expand our strategic consultancy offering, and improve our ability to help clients join the dots between different parts of the customer experience across multiple channels.

Tim Deeson, founder of Deeson (and also, incidentally, one of three founders of DrupalCamp London), is passionate about decentralisation, helping self-organising teams work more effectively and making the digital industry more inclusive.

“We are very pleased to be joining The Panoply at such an exciting time for the Group”, said Tim. “Having known Jim Bowes and Manifesto for a long time, over the last 18 months it has been remarkable to see the benefits of their having access to The Panoply. With the status of a listed business and working hand-in-hand with Manifesto, we are confident we will be able to grow our customer base, secure larger deals and effectively grow the team.”

What this means for our existing and new clients

The most immediate change is that Deeson will rebrand as TPX Manifesto. In the short term, the Deeson team will operate as a separate division of Manifesto, taking care of their existing clients as normal. In the new year, the London-based Deeson team will join TPX Manifesto in Shoreditch and we’ll start looking for new opportunities together. Over the next 2 years we’ll start to look for longer-term ways to work together more closely.

But for now, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the Deeson team. We’re excited about joining them for a beer later this week.

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