Event: Getting Agile – A practical introduction to Scrum

Time for another after-hours event at Manifesto! On the 29th January we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of Scrum by providing a practical introduction aimed at anyone who works in, with or around Scrum teams.

When and where

Thursday 29th January

6pm -8.30pm

Manifesto Digital – 1st Floor, Gensurco House, 52-54 Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4RP


If you’ve recently started working in a Scrum team, or if you work in an organisation where Scrum is being adopted, or might be adopted, or if you’ve had a taste of Scrum and are considering becoming a certified ScrumMaster, you’ve probably built up a considerable backlog of questions. In this event we’ll be providing a practical introduction to the Scrum methodology as well as a forum in which to air those questions.

Agile project management has grown rapidly in popularity since the principles were first set out in 2001 and Scrum is by far the most popular implementation of Agile. In Scrum cross-functional, self-organising teams tackle discreet amounts of work in timeboxes called sprints, with a set framework of meetings to aid planning, collaboration and productivity.

In this event I’ll be condensing what is normally a four hour introduction to Scrum into a much shorter session, leaving plenty of time to answer and discuss any burning questions.

No prior knowledge is assumed but we’ll expect that you have some exposure to projects and project management.

About Jim Bowes


Jim Bowes is a Scrum coach, occasional stand-up comedian, regular speaker at Agile events and CEO of Manifesto Digital. Manifesto uses Agile methods to deliver bespoke digital solutions to organisations such as Cancer Research UK, The Children’s Society and National Trust. They also provide Agile coaching and training to businesses large and small. Jim will deliver an introduction to Agile and explain how implementations like Scrum and KanBan can be used to make digital and comms teams in the charity and non-profit sectors keep up in digital.

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