2020 Agile

Tuesday 10 October 2017 from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

141-143 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE


On Tuessday 10th October Agile for Agencies we will be hearing from a variety of agency and Agile professionals through a series of PechuKucha presentations.

PechuKucha is a form of presentation popular in the Agile world that condenses the subject down to 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds. Read more about PechKucha.

We’re expecting a range of presentations and welcome the sublime to the ridiculous and we’re fully accepting of the tenuous link to Agile!

On the night

Already on the line up:

Neil Clark, Head of Customer Experience at Infomentum: The bullseye scrum board

Drawing inspiration from Craig Strong’s super hero scrum board, Neil developed the Infomentum bullseye scrum board, which has iterated through three key stages to the current board (now 5 years old!). Neil will be taking us through their journey, sharing their reasons for change and how this has benefitted the team.

James Downes, Strategy Director of Pancentric: Better user stories

As we increasingly base our work around User Stories it is fundamental that our stories capture real customer needs. James shows how using Design Thinking techniques such as divergent/convergent thinking, co-creation, narratives and story boards, can find unmet needs, unlock customer value and translate these into valuable user stories. The result is a process that is iterative, efficient, cost effective and aligned with both stakeholders and customers.

Louise Bliss, Client Services Director, and Kjell Eldor, Product and Innovation lead  from Manifesto: Let’s talk about Product Management

The Product Manager plays a key role in ensuring Agile teams build leading products that users love. Louise Bliss and Kjell Eldor will discuss what the gold standard Product Manager looks like and consider the challenges they face when in-house, or when acting as a Proxy-Product Owner for agency clients.

Simon Bates, COO of Manifesto: How to talk Agile with a procurement department

John Bown, Agile coach and Scrum Master: Stop estimating; you’re no good at it

If you are interested in presenting, please email Gemma via hello@manifesto.co.uk

Who is it for?

This Meetup is aimed at people who work in or with agencies of all kinds, from traditional to specialist, creative to tech, in project management, software development or business management roles and are seeking to exchange working experience, tips and general thoughts on how best to create a brand of Agile that works for them, their organisation and their clients.

How to book

We organise this semi-regular series of events via Meetup. To join the group and RSVP for this event, visit the event page on meetup.com

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