Manifesto 70’s Summer Drinks


We just love an excuse to invite you all to our studio for a drink or two, and what better excuse than it being summer? Join us on Wednesday 25th July from 6:30pm, where we’ll be loving the summer with a Manifesto-esk 70’s vibe. Open to all our Manifesto friends!

On the night

We’re taking you [back?] to the 70’s for our summer drinks this July, think peace signs, cheese & pineapple sticks, and disco balls. Grab yourself a Tequila Sunrise and chill baby!

It’s a chance to relax outside of project work, and for us to thank you all for the amazing opportunities you provide for us to create positive change together.

Enjoy a drink and a nibble from the (admittedly upon research) not quite so classically 70’s buffet (that poor baked, stuffed salmon, and ham wrapped bananas).

No need to dress up (unless you’re feeling compelled to).

Who is it for?

This is a friends of Manifesto event. If we’ve worked with you, shared a drink with you, or we keep in touch via our newsletter from time to time, we’d like to see you.

How to book

To book your place, please contact Gemma via

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