Agile for Agencies meets AgencyAgile


Manifesto will be co-hosting the Agile for Agencies Meetup on June 13th from 6:30-9:00pm. We are excited to be hosting the founders of AgencyAgile, Jack Skeels and Greg Morrell. They will share their experience on  how to run agile agencies and engage in a discussion with us around best practices on broad and successful adoption of agile methods across an agency.

On the night

The evening’s topic of discussion was decided by Meetup poll.

Why Agile is so hard to use in agencies? What are the keys to success?

AgencyAgile will unpack many key reasons why using Agile methods in an agency can be so difficult; and what successful adoption of agile methods requires. Beyond just the mechanics, processes and tools, cultural norms and hierarchical organisational models need to be addressed as well. This often means that agencies need to modify how work is sold, scoped, estimated and delivered; and the role of management needs to shift as well, in support of team-member empowerment.

 Who is it for?

This Meetup is aimed at people who work in or with agencies of all kinds, from traditional to specialist, creative to tech, in project management, software development or business management roles and are seeking to exchange working experience, tips and general thoughts on how best to create a brand of Agile that works for them, their organisation and their clients.

How to book

We organise this semi-regular series of events via Meetup. To join the group and RSVP for this event, visit the event page on

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