A guide to Facebook social, political and election ads

Facebook Ads Policy

Facebook have recently updated their policy affecting the management for paid ads with sensitive social / elections or political content. We’ve taken a look at what has changed, and our team have made it a bit more digestible!


Why has Facebook made the change? 

Following the growing political and social pressure, Facebook has made a step in tightening up the restrictions for social, political and election ads.


What does this mean for you? 

It seems like every day, there are more added restrictions with the ability to display digital ads for brands. Unfortunately, there are always a few hurdles to jump through when Facebook changes their policies. We know more than ever, in the post GDPR world, there can often some teething issues with these changes. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom, taking a long term view, if Facebook is taking steps to improve the transparency of the ads shown, this will in time have a positive impact on the trust users have with Facebook paid ads.


Put simply, what are the changes?

For users For advertisers 
The ad shown will include a ‘paid for’ disclaimer The people and pages running ads will have to go through an authorisation process (including all linked accounts). 
Users can look up an archive of ads published after May 7th, 2018.  Currently, you won’t be able to run disclaimed social ads on the following ad formats: dynamic ads, boosted continuous live video, WhatsApp, Messenger and Audience Network placements.


We appreciate advertising policies on Facebook are frequently changing, so we’ve stripped out the jargon and made it a bit easier on the eye. You can access the full how to guide here. There’s also a handy checklist of pre-setup you need before the authentication process. Alternatively, you can read the full policy via Facebook.


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