GDPR and Your Customers

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in the UK in May 2018. This guide aims to help businesses make a plan for becoming GDPR-ready.

GDPR replaces the existing data protection regime. For many businesses, it will necessitate significant changes to the way they collect, store and process customer data. But GDPR also introduces new opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves when it comes to protecting the digital rights of their customers.

GDPR finally brings data protection regulation into the age of cloud-computing, reigning in the slapdash attitudes to user protection caused by outdated rules. It democratises privacy concerns by mandating clear, plain-English guidelines for how to collect, store and use personal data, and by insisting that organisations use similarly transparent language to obtain consent and communicate how they’re going to use people’s data.

Businesses which take their customers’ digital rights seriously, and conduct their data processing transparently, have the chance to earn the most sought-after of brand attributes: trust.

GDPR and Your Customers answers important GDPR questions for business leaders, including:

• What is GDPR?

• How does GDPR define personal data?

• What about Brexit?

• What are Privacy Information Notices and how should they be presented?

• What is a personal data breach and how should you respond to one?

• What are Subject Access Requests and Privacy Impact Assessments?

• What are the consequences of not complying with GDPR?

The guide also provides a list of recommended actions for businesses beginning their journey towards GDPR-readiness.


Download the guide

Start your journey towards GDPR-readiness with our comprehensive guide to the issues and a list of recommended actions.

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