Going West: Manifesto opens Bristol office

It’s been an exciting few months here at Manifesto towers since becoming a part of The Panoply in early December of last year. The remainder of 2019 looks to be no different, and today we’re pleased to announce the opening of a Bristol office. Set in the lively Old City, Manifesto Bristol will bring our award-winning blend of services and expertise to one of the UK’s most vibrant cities.


Bristol – the technology centre of the West

Bristol has been on Manifesto’s shortlist for expansion for a while. It’s a supremely logical choice for a fast-growing agency that wants to service a greater range of clients throughout the UK: Bristol is one of the country’s most vibrant technology hubs; it was ranked 12th in Atomico’s State of European Tech list of European cities by capital invested in 2017; and it’s a short journey away from two other rising ‘Silicon Suburbs’ in Cardiff and Oxford.

With two of our developers confirmed that they were looking to move to Bristol, the plan to establish Manifesto’s West Country base of operations had formed.

We took a trip down to tour working spaces, and, conscious that things move quickly, both at Manifesto and in the agency world, we were looking for a private office large enough to accommodate the team we will be building out there.

After touring a few of the various locations we had shortlisted, we picked a winner in the Origin Workspace in Berkeley Square in the lively Old City, and have been rapidly recruiting staff to join us in our new home.


Casting our .Net wider

The new Bristol office will also be the home of our new .Net team, headed up by the hugely experienced Pete Cooper. They’ll focus on offering services based on Azure including bespoke work and using Umbraco and SiteFinity. The wider Bristol team will work across the Manifesto client base and will grow steadily through 2019.

Staffed by a mixture of talent from the local area and some long-serving team members from our Shoreditch office, Manifesto Bristol (or Mani-westo as its been nicknamed) brings a fantastic mix of east meets west. We’re excited about building a team with local flavour but which also has the ability to tap into a network across the UK and Europe via The Panoply group.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, please get in touch!

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