It's time to say

I aint buyin it
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Ban secret santa

This Christmas, join us and scrap secret santa!

Every Christmas, millions of us collectively sigh as we agonise over the annual dilemma of the Secret Santa gift.

Last Christmas, an estimated 103,000 tonnes of plastic waste came out of Santa's sack and went straight into the trash. That's an estimated 20% of gifts - some 120m items - headed for landfill on Boxing Day.

This Christmas, we're doing things differently. We're ditching the annual dash during our lunch break, for that hastily thought out gift that two thirds of us wish we hadn't received.

Instead, we're choosing to spend that time and energy enjoying the company of our friends, families and colleagues.

Isn't that what Christmas is all about anyway?

Three presents

Here's how we're doing it...

Star and swirl
Box 1
Box 2

Dancing man

Step 1: Get your Crimbo crew on board

Not sure why? We've crafted a persuasive argument to help you convince your pals to say 'I ain't buyin' it'!

Get the message
Two presents
Box 3

Step 2: Get everyone together

It's here, Secret Santa day. You've over-indulged at lunch, now it's time to spend some quality time with the people around you. We've got a couple of suggestions to get you into the festive spirit...

Hand phone

The GIF that keeps giving

Charades, but with a difference! Take a screenshot to find out what you've got to act out. You know the rest.

Get the GIF

A game of LA-DI-DA

Noisy and fun, this game requires a bit of rhythm (walnuts sold separately).

Show me how
Letter in box

The box of secret salutations

Like Secret Santa, but lighter on the wallet and the planet. When was the last time you told someone how great they were?

Show me how
Snowflakes dark

Floating heart

Step 3: Spread the joy!

Let the world know how much fun you've had ditching Secret Santa using the hashtag #iaintbuyinit.

We've even got a neat image you can use to super-charge your social posts/channels, download here.


Nice List

If you absolutely have to buy a gift, why not do it through one of these great charities?

Alzheimer's Society

More than a gift

Help to make life better for people affected by dementia

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British Red Cross

Gifts of kindness

Dedicate a gift to your family and friends that supports The British Red Cross services in your area or refugees across the UK

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Christian Aid

Charity gifts

Buy a gift which supports children & families in the world's poorest countries

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Kew Gardens


Make the most of Kew with unlimited visits for your loved ones

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National Trust

Gift membership

Give your loved ones more than 500 special places to explore

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Big little gifts

Fund our life changing programmes or services

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Parkinson's UK

Charity virtual gifts

Give a gift that could help bring forward the day when nobody fears Parkinson's

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Help to protect and expand the walks you love and get access to the walks app

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Save the Children

Virtual gifts

Unique virtual gifts that can change the lives of children across the world

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Life saving gifts

Real, life-saving supplies delivered to communities around the world

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Adopt an animal

Help our work to protect some of the world's most vulnerable animals

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!