Introducing the Social Investment Awards

We have something really exciting to share! Manifesto recently completed working on a small project for the Cabinet Office – the Social Investment Awards!

What are the Social Investment Awards?

The Cabinet Office and RBS Group have come together to promote the role that social investment has to play in supporting the development of innovative solutions to an array of challenging social issues faced by communities around the world. Naturally, we were only too happy to work with them on this fantastic project.

Social Investment aims to help new and established businesses secure capital where they would otherwise be unable to get funding, thereby allowing them to help their local community. The Cabinet Office wanted to recognise the impact social investment is having on communities today and to reward those working tirelessly in this sector. It also serves as a way to promote this new market to potential investors and show the stability of investing in this growing market.

Social Investment provides not only a financial return, but a social return too.

What did Manifesto do?

We built a really exciting website for the awards. We all sat down and discussed requirements for the site. It needed to have a nominate form, a page with information about the awards, a list of categories, a shortlist of nominees and the ability to publish winners when the awards have taken place.

It also needed social media links and correct branding. We devised a plan to build the site in different states, with these to be changed as the timeline of the awards progressed. We also built the site responsively so that it would look good for people submitting nominations on smartphones and tablets.


If I don’t mind saying so myself, it looks pretty amazing!

When’s it all happening?

The Cabinet Office, together with RBS Group, will host an event on the 27th October to award the fantastic nominees in 5 categories.

Do you know a person or business that should be recognised for their work promoting and encouraging social investment? Maybe you want to nominate yourself? Nominations are open now – just fill out the snazzy form.

It’s free to enter and nominations will close on the 30th September.

Good luck!

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