Looking back at our work together in 2020

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This year, more so than ever, it’s important to reflect on the year that’s been. To celebrate the success amongst the chaos. The year may have been turbulent, and proven difficult to make any sort of reasonable expectations for. But looking back, we couldn’t be more proud of what we and our clients achieved together.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.


Reducing digital emissions

Perhaps one of Manifesto’s most unique projects yet, and not just a highlight belonging to 2020, is its work with the Climate Group. It marked the creative agency’s first, fully end-to-end sustainable Drupal 9 website build. The Climate Group, an international charity trying to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 globally, asked Manifesto to help it lead by example. Operating three separate websites which all produced their own emissions, the charity knew it could do better. Manifesto’s team took the approach ‘every byte counts’, and re-thought the whole web build process with carbon emissions top of mind. Since go-live in November 2020, the Climate Group’s new multisite has drastically reduced its overall emissions. Its biggest site’s emissions are projected to drop a staggering 91%. And its second largest site’s emissions are also estimated to drop by more than half.

You can read more on what we did here.


Taking things virtual

In the year of the pandemic, every event typically involving thousands of people had to pivot to a digital alternative. Remembrance Day was one such national event which, for the first time in history, had to think of another way to celebrate the lives of those lost in combat over the last century. Manifesto worked with the Royal British Legion to design a ‘Virtual Field of Remembrance’. Decades of tradition had seen fields planted with more than 120,000 tributes each year. Taking this online saw Manifesto build a new, bespoke front-end, using Three.js technology to create 3D interactive effects in real-time. The team invested a total of 40 hours into understanding a completely new technology, and this was picked up by the media – including outlets as large as Heart.


Pivoting strategies

Another event which needed re-thinking last year was Diabetes UK’s One Million Steps challenge. Marking another first, Manifesto helped the charity pull off one of the UK’s largest virtual walks in 2020. Already digital in nature, the parameters in which people could get their steps in dramatically changed as the nation entered its first lockdown – just two weeks into the event’s three-month media plan. The timing couldn’t have been worse. But with the guidance of Manifesto, the charity managed to pivot a lot faster than its peers. This saw Diabetes UK launch new digital advertising for the event, ones sharing options which were more accessible and reflected a nation in lockdown. The event, despite taking place in a debilitating pandemic, broke numerous records. It raised £1,956,581 for Diabetes research, and registered 22,038 people in total – a 108% turnout on the charity’s pre-pandemic target.

You can read more on what we did here.


Supporting those on the front line

With money tighter than ever for thousands of households in the UK last year, reliance on foodbanks surged. According to The Salvation Army’s UK Food Distribution Survey, between February and April 2020 foodbank usage surged by 63%. Amidst unprecedented circumstances, Manifesto couldn’t follow a blue-print. The team came up with a data-led strategy, one where automation allowed performance to dictate spending. That way, the campaign was always operating in sync with the changing climate. Over three key pandemic months for the charity, Manifesto maintained a 731% return on ad spend. The campaign also raised £1 million in revenue, which means for every £1 spent, £7.31 came back to the charity. Some 20 million impressions over social media channels were generated. In all, with Manifesto’s help, The Salvation Army attracted 13,790 donors across the campaign, approximately, 6,870 of which were cold.

You can read more on what we did here.


Revamping digital shopfronts

In 2020, a year where practically everything shifted online in one way or another, the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) realised the need to overhaul its main website. Dependent on more than 300,000 visitors attending its 150-acre site each year, communicating clearly to regular visitors and donors its operations during the lockdown was vital. Manifesto used the same technology the website owned by its parent, the Royal British Legion, sits on. That way, the charity could benefit from its parent’s already-working code base, scalable infrastructure, workflows and digital support at a time when resources are scarce for third sector organisations. Launched in August 2020, the new website was up and running before the UK’s second lockdown. It more accurately reflected the charity’s identity and the site’s purpose, as well as the calibre of programmes the charity offers.


Forming new partnerships

We’ve been busy working with some new clients too. Look out for our work with Wood Green, where we’re working with their Income and Innovation team to grow their digital programme. We’re helping Guys’ & St. Thomas’ Charity implement a major digital transformation project. And with more new projects kicking off, we can’t wait to share their progress later this year.

A massive thanks to all of our clients for making this possible. We’re looking forward to the positive change that this year will bring. And no matter what the world throws at us, we’ll be there for all of our clients, to continue to drive lasting impact.

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