Manifesto enhances Drupal services as Acquia Preferred Partner

Acquia Preferred Partner badge

Manifesto have expanded their Drupal offering by becoming a preferred partner of Acquia, the leading cloud platform for building, delivering and optimising digital experiences with the Drupal content management system.

Started by the creator of Drupal, Acquia’s digital innovation platform empowers market-leading enterprise organisations to move at the speed of the web, providing agility, integration and resiliency. Manifesto has been working in partnership with Acquia for over four years, helping deliver and improve digital experiences on sites like paulmccartney.com, Cancer Research UK, Love Camden and Frieze. As a preferred partner, Manifesto benefits from an additional level of access to the world’s foremost authority on Drupal best practice, performance, scalability and security.

“We believe that in partnering with Acquia we augment our extensive experience of Enterprise Content Management with the very best tools and support available for Drupal implementations,” says Pat Shone, CTO at Manifesto.

“The Acquia offering fits well with the services we provide, allowing us to offer scalable end-to-end web solutions to our clients. Their leading continuous delivery platform, cloud hosting and digital engagement services help us focus on delivering value to our clients by providing robust solutions to their needs.”

The Acquia Cloud platform is tuned specifically for Drupal performance, resulting in faster rendering of dynamic content and improved site reliability. It allows for:

  • Multiple environments for your website with drag and drop deployments;
  • Platform monitoring of performance, security and best practice;
  • An advanced caching solution;
  • Managed backups;
  • Options from single servers through to multi-server, multi-data centre redundancy;
  • EU data centres;
  • ISO 270001 compliance.

With preferred partner status, Manifesto have access to Acquia Solution Architects and Technical Account Managers who can assist with recommendations of the best managed Drupal hosting packages, based on the needs of the client.

To find out how Manifesto and Acquia can help you deliver digital experiences with Drupal faster, and with more security, scalability and reliability, contact us.

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