Manifesto welcomes conversational AI experts into the fold

Tablet showing a chatbot, and laptop showing a chatbot

Manifesto is opening its doors (not literally, we’re all WFH) to two conversational artificial intelligence (AI) experts, Antoine de la Gardette and John Ennew. 

Joining us from Greenshoot Labs, one of Manifesto’s sister companies in The Panoply, the duo’s addition to Manifesto’s team marks an exciting time for the agency

A growing market

Conversational AI is fast-growing, built on a natural desire from customers and supporters to interact with brands and organisations simply, and for those organisations to both scale services and manage costs.

Manifesto is accelerating its conversational AI practice to bridge the gap between user centred design and conversational AI technology. 

According to Markets and Markets, the world’s intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) and chatbot market size is expected to grow as large as $15.7 billion by 2024. As a leading experience agency, we’re looking forward to paving the way for our clients to deliver chat and voice experiences to the masses, backed by robust, enterprise grade technology.

As the hype around AI, chatbots and voice-based technology slowly starts to recede, and good UX paired with great problem solving continues to become the norm, businesses are approaching a state where they can start adopting this technology in a meaningful way to solve real organisational problems and meet real user needs

Pushing boundaries

John and Antoine

With the addition of John and Antoine, we’re ready to support clients on this journey. We’ll continue to partner with Greenshoot Labs led by Dr. Ronald Ashri, using the powerful framework they’ve developed called ‘OpenDialog’. By drawing on this expertise, Manifesto is carving out the first phase of its conversational AI product and implementation capability.

If you’d like to run a workshop to explore what conversational AI could do for your organisation please get in touch.

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