Meet the team: Barbara Marcantonio, UX and Graphic Designer


We were lucky enough to add Barbara’s prodigious skills as a UX and graphic designer to our team after a 2 year stint as design team lead at a social-commerce for gamers.

Before that she worked at a creative agency and a pizza restaurant – both jobs that eased the transition to London life from Rome where Barbara studied Graphic and Multimedia Design. Is that a move she regrets making? Not at all; she’s super excited about working in London for a digital agency because of all the creative potential:

I’ve always loved art, design and technology. Designing for the web gives me the possibility to solve problems, create something that people enjoy using, be creative and add my personal touch. I love the fact that there is never only one solution for a problem but an infinite amount of possibilities. I’m also quite good in empathising with the clients and I like listening to their ideas and having the tools to turn those ideas into reality.”

Barbara has recently worked on The Children’s Society rebrand, Meat Free Monday, volunteer fundraising UX for Diabetes UK and the Social Investment Awards website.

She’s a bit of a workaholic: when she’s not designing experiences that put a smile on people’s faces for Manifesto Barbara can be found working on personal projects, friends’ projects or studying UX design. On the very rare occasions that she isn’t in front of a computer screen she enjoys reading, writing, analog photography, overthinking, moaning about the weather, head-banging at live rock/metal gigs, playing ukulele, doing sport, meeting friends and exploring London. Phew!

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