Meet the team: Dryden Williams, Front-end developer


Dryden’s been part of the Manifesto team for just over a month now but has worked on three different projects already: the Social Investment Awards, Meat Free Monday and Children’s Society.

It’s very different to his previous job as a part-time crew cook/deckhand/steward aboard super-yachts in the south of France, not to mention the one before that where he was a chef/host for a ski season in Meribel.

But despite his exciting past, Dryden is stoked to be working at a digital agency in London:

“I really love surrounding myself with like minded people, exploring new ideas and creating concepts. I find it very hard switching off. I’m always trying to solve problems surrounding user interaction, from furniture design to web user interaction and design. I enjoy how coding allows you to transform an idea into something visible.”

Outside of work Dryden enjoys travelling, drawing and triathlons. And the call of the sea is still strong: “In the near future I’d like to take my Dinghy sailing qualifications so I can take part in the round the island race with my friend Joe.”

For now though, we’re glad that Dryden’s got his land-legs on: he’s a great addition to our team.

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