Meet the team: Paul Kelly, Software Engineer


Paul is our newest Software Engineer and we’re thrilled to have him join the team. He’s already rolled up his sleeves and ploughed into projects for The Children’s Society and Diabetes UK.

Paul is hugely experienced and has the CV to prove it. Before joining Manifesto he worked at Fantastic Thinking as part of the Engine Group where he was a PHP Developer working on web solutions for clients like News UK, Rolls Royce and YHA. He’s also lectured in Web Development at Cumbria University.

“It seems that these days in digital technology there is a new framework or software language announced every month. I enjoy investigating them and seeing if they could fit into any processes that we have. Coming from an education background I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with other developers in the team as well as translating ‘geek speak’ into a language that our clients can understand.”

At the weekends you’ll find Paul tinkering with electronics and Arduinos, listening to glitchy bleeps & squeals or bands at events around the city. Or, if he’s tired of London, he might head back up to his native Scotland.

We asked him if he had any anecdotes for this bio but he told us he wouldn’t give them up until we’d plied him with booze. Which we look forward to doing very soon. Welcome aboard Paul!

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