Meet the team: Gabriele Maira, Software Engineer / Consultant


A recent addition to the Manifesto team, Gabriele is a hugely experienced software engineer with a positive attitude – he maintains that his motto was ‘Yes we can’ long before the ‘other guy’ started saying it. We’re delighted to have him on board.

Gabriele is an Italian with a long background in SysAdmin, PHP/Perl and GNU/Linux. He spent many years as a freelancer before becoming a Web Developer for Echidna (5 years) and then a Senior Full Stack Developer for eHd (4 years).

At Manifesto Gabriele has worked on projects for Diabetes UK, Frieze and WOOOBA. He sees his role as cutting down the stress of the team and that’s certainly the effect he’s been having.

In his spare time he likes travelling – by bike wherever possible – and watching movies. Tons of movies. Though a separation between life and work isn’t always possible with Gabriele:

“Personally, coding is not my job but a fundamental part of my life” he says. “I do it with passion and a sane curiosity: the one that pushes you to click a link while reading an article about a new database, that takes you to its wikipedia page, where another link takes you to the database creator’s personal blog, where another link takes you to his personal margarita recipe, using seaweed instead of lime. A specific seaweed growing only in Bermuda, where a new plane has just disappeared, but this one was a prototype from NASA on a test flight – the last of a series – before starting its journey to Mars.

“Curiosity pushed me to be where I stand now, curiosity and problems: I’m a natural problem solver.”

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