Meet the team: Jack Holding, Software Engineer / Consultant


Musician and former Drupal apprentice Jack Holding joins the Manifesto team as a our newest Software Engineer/Consultant.

The above mugshot is from a promotional shoot from one of Jack’s self-published recordings. After enrolling in college to study music technology he quickly figured out that he was better off striking his own path and set off to promote his own music online. This, of course, involved building websites and soon Jack was involved in a serious love affair – with HTML and CSS.

After apprenticing at White Fuse Media – an agency which works solely with non-profits – Jack was offered a full-time position as a Drupal developer. Now he’s at Manifesto, Jack is keen to get stuck in to more, and bigger, Drupal projects, starting with ECMC Network, Diabetes UK and Frieze.

But his enthusiasm isn’t limited to Drupal and PHP:

“In my generation alone, I’ve witnessed various technologies come and go. In the past 10-15 years technology has evolved dramatically, so much so that we often forget that only a short time ago we’d be forced to use a portable, battery powered CD player or take a physical book to read when on the move.

“Now I also have the opportunity to be a part of those transformations and make a difference, providing fresh ideas to make the things we do simpler and more productive through technology.”

So far Jack’s been striking all the right notes and we’re very pleased that this solo-artist has decided to join our band.

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