Meet the team: Seema Binaykia, Account and Project Manager


The newest addition to our account and project management team, Seema has a firm grounding in the creative industries and a wealth of experience in managing digital projects on both the agency and client side.

Seema’s postgraduate degree in Film and Photography made her ideally suited to her first job as an assistant film director in Mumbai but she soon felt the irresistible call of digital. Via a role at a 3D animation design house and later her own web development company she eventually found her way to London where she’s worked on digital projects for prestigious clients like Sony Music, Intel, Panasonic and Sony Playstation.

At Manifesto Seema is helping us build and develop the great relationships with our clients that we’re so proud of – relationships based on a deep understanding of clients’ needs and the delivery of outstanding digital products. She’s already become instrumental to our work with Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, WeFarm and ECMC.

“Curiosity and hunger for learning new things, and the competitiveness,” says Seema when asked what excites her about working in digital. “The exciting part is the discovery. How many opportunities are out there right now, just waiting for the right person to have that moment of realisation, that moment of vision to see the possibility. The tech sector is shaping our society in so many important ways and I love being a part of that.”


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