Movember win 2nd Annual Big Charity Digital Pub Quiz

On Thursday the great and the good of London’s charity digital teams returned to the Exmouth Market Centre to battle it out over four rounds of trivia in a bid to capture the more-coveted-than-a-rare-Pokemon ABCDPQ trophy. That gong was ultimately claimed by the good people of Movember, who also won a £1,000 prize donation for their excellent cause, but not before a great deal of fun.

The setting

The Exmouth Market Centre – a charming church hall on one of London’s hippest thoroughfares – has been a brilliant home for the ABCDPQ these past two years. It’s not only big enough to accommodate 16 teams of charity digital pub quizzers cabaret style but it also has a stage, which is essential when your CEO-cum-quiz-host has a penchant for showmanship.

The contenders

To keep things fair and diverse this year we restricted entry to one team per organisation. The full list of charities taking part was: Cancer Research UK, Movember, Create, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Marie CurieNational Trust, Cafédirect Producers Foundation, Christian Aid, Unicef, Street Child United, Diabetes UK, HemiHelp, Amnesty International, Comic Relief, Prostate Cancer UK and British Heart Foundation.

The questions

The night’s brainteasers were split into four rounds: general knowledge, food, music and film. This year we used the board game ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?’ to supply the general knowledge questions. Even though the game had a strong US-focus (the fact that the 1st amendment to the US constitution protects free speech, not the 2nd, caught out a few of our teams), most of our competitors performed fairly well compared to 10-year-olds.

The food round came with complimentary pitta and dips, led to the evening’s first impromptu pop performance from our own Jim Bowes, and started a Twitter game.

The music round’s posers were provided by the awesome Barberhop-o-gram.

The film round was by far the best-prepared of all though. Can you identify these films, reinterpreted for the digital age by our very own Hugh James and Al Hutchison? (Click through to YouTube for the answers.)





The victors and the spoils

Totting up the team’s totals was both an alliterative and an important task for our judges, with such hot competition for the trophies.

But luckily there were plenty of refreshments on hand as our teams awaited their fate…

Movember ended up as clear victors, taking home both the winner’s cup (only slightly sticky with champagne) and a £1,000 prize donation. Heroes!

A three-way tie between Unicef UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and British Heart Foundation for second place couldn’t be decided by a tie-breaker using questions from ‘Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?’, though it did eliminate BHF from the running. So, with everyone a little too tipsy at that point to think up anything better, we had to go to rock, paper, scissors.

The nerve of the team from Unicef held, and they went home with the £400 runners-up donation prize.

As for third-placed GOSH, they had to make do with a trophy GIF.

Highlights reel

If you didn’t make it to the quiz you can get a flavour of the night’s revelry from this selection of clips. If you were there, this might help fill in some of those memory-holes.

Now that Team Manifesto’s hangovers have cleared up, we’re all very excited about next year. See you then!

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  1. Jim Bowes says:

    Thanks to everyone that came. It was an awesome night. Jim aka Pitta Andre.

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