My work experience

[Fin Reed joined us for work experience in August. Attentive, incredibly polite and always asking the right questions, Fin was a great addition to the Manifesto studio. Remember the name: we’re sure that he’s going places. Here’s his account of working at a digital agency and of creating his personal website. Thanks for the biscuits, Fin!]

After spending an insightful 3 days of work experience at Manifesto’s office in London, my career aspirations have now been set in stone in my mind. I am certain that the skills that I have learnt at my time among the team will be completely invaluable to me as I pursue a profession in digital design and technology.

Coffee and code

Right from the first time I stepped in the office, the team were falling over themselves to be as friendly and as helpful to me as possible by constantly offering me their knowledge, advice and (most importantly) a continuous supply of cups of coffee.

Regardless of the team’s busy schedule, they could all seem find time to aid me with the most rudimentary of issues that I encountered during the creation of my blog, that they find more than easy to amend with their expertise in digital website creation.

Thanks to the opportunity that Manifesto have given me, I now have a greater appreciation of the complexities involved in digital design and the expert knowledge that is required of the technical team of how to use technology, for both the creation and improvement of a website.

Building my website

With the guidance of Paul I was able to create my own website which included a blog, using WordPress. With Paul’s teaching and advice into the technical aspect of website creation, I was able to create a blog with the aesthetics and design that I am proud of.

Barbara, one of the designers at Manifesto, was able to create a stunning logo that would be the icing on the metaphorical cake that is my website.

I do not believe that I can express all of the gratitude that I have towards the team – in return for their hospitable and accommodating personas that I have been reminded of continuously by every warm smile, piece of advice and coffee that they have given me over the course of the past few days – in a short blog post; but I hope I have come close.


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