Improving content publishing capabilities with WordPress multisite

Campaign: Content and experience management, Integration and bespoke development

BioMed Central is a publisher in the Science, Technology and Medicine sectors. The blog network presents news and opinion from both their staff writers and editors as well as from guest bloggers. They wanted to redesign and rationalise the network to improve the user experience and make it easier to scale and develop.


What we did

We helped BMC reorganise their blog content from 21 blogs and cut the number of different blogs down to just 7. We set up a multisite installation of WordPress to deliver and manage the blogs and designed a flexible, responsive theme for the blogs and the network itself.

We migrated the content over to this new platform and installed various plugins to make the life of editors and internal developers easier. These included a simple page builder, SEO and analytics plugins, image sliders and newsletter signup.


How it went

After initial discovery work we carried out four weeks of iterative development and testing before a 3 week period where we introduced the work to the internal development team and worked alongside them to complete the project. To ensure a smooth handover this was followed by another 3 week period where the internal team assumed responsibility for the new site, with Manifesto available for questions and support when required.




“The level of trust we felt was very good and there was a very good mutual relationship that developed very quickly, so we were able to have confidence that the solutions Manifesto were proposing and building would be long term.” – Rob Lloyd, Head of Front-end Development, Springer


How this helps us on your project

No two organisations have the same internal development set up. We take into account your very specific needs and help work out a process for external or embedded development and handover which allows your team to pick up and run with the project. That’s true whether we’re helping develop a simple landing page or a multisite WordPress installation with tens of thousands of pages.

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