Unicef Santa's Little Helpers

Building a Christmas campaign for Unicef UK

Campaign: Social and digital campaigns | Experience: Digital design and build

Unicef UK is the United Kingdom branch of the world’s largest children’s charity. They were looking to build a digital experience for young children and their parents which would generate donations and capture the details of new supporters.

What we did

Working in close collaboration with the campaign designers, OpenFundraising, we built digital experiences for two key audiences: parents who were purchasing letters from santa for their young children; and a game for children who’d received the letter, which culminated in sending a gift to disadvantaged children in another part of the world.

How it went

As a pilot campaign the Santa’s Little Helpers sites needed to get to market quickly. We were able to advise on the best choice of third-party platforms and frameworks to make use of to cut down on development time and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Making use of PayPal integration we created a purchase site with a straightforward user journey which resulted in a sales conversion rate of 2.3%

We built both desktop/tablet and mobile versions of a simple, yet engaging hunt and click game for small children using the Symfony framework which saw users play for an average of over 6 minutes per session.

How this helps us on your project

Our extensive knowledge of different technologies and how they integrate means that we can help choose underlying technology which leads to fast prototypes and pilots, allowing you to test ideas and generate data for key business decisions.


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