Driving collaboration with a Drupal-based communications hub

The Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) Network is a world-first approach to experimental medicine. Based on research into their existing web presence, they wanted a new website that would become a central communication hub, promoting ECMC and driving collaboration across the network.

What we did

We designed and developed a new website for ECMC using the Drupal 7 content management system. Because the ECMC team were inexperienced with CMSs, this had to be made easy to use. A style guide and training was provided to make the transition to the new site as smooth as possible.


We’re now providing ongoing support and hosting for the website via the Acquia hosting platform. As well as performing routine checks and maintenance we’re collecting user feedback which we can be used to update and develop the site.

How it went

We undertook a discovery workshop and research in order to develop a product vision and lightweight digital personas to represent all the various user types that make up the ECMC audience, each of whom required that content was delivered to them in a slightly different way.

Development took place in two-week sprints, each of which included user testing and a stakeholder demo.

Even though ECMC faced unavoidable delays in the content creation process we were able to incorporate late changes to requirements due to our Agile way of working.

Since launch of the site ECMC has seen greater engagement between the Network and the Secretariat to provide new and updated information to their users via the centre pages.

How this helps us on your project

The discovery and research phase which kicks off all our projects means we’re able to create a product vision and set of user personas that account for all of your users, no matter how many distinct types there are or how diverse their needs. This sets us up to deliver engaging digital experiences that meet the needs of users and business alike.

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