Training teams in Agile and Scrum

Strategy: Agile coaching

Education City is the leading provider of e-learning resources for schools and families in the UK. Changes in technology and international ambitions meant that they needed a new approach to development. Scrum was a technique they wanted to use.

What we did

The team had some understanding of Agile and Scrum but many had not used it on a project. We came in to train, implement, and coach the team through the early stages of setting up a Scrum team and kicking off the development of a new version of their product.


How it went

The development process has proved incredibly successful. Scrum has been adopted and the team are currently preparing for the first release of their new product.

How this helps us on your project

We can help you set up an Agile software development team and start using Scrum to produce new product increments much more efficiently.

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