Our work: NSPCC Childhood Day

Exploring digital campaigns to support events

Strategy: Rapid innovation | Experience: Design and prototyping

The NSPCC engaged with Manifesto to explore innovative and strategic opportunities for Childhood Day 2019. Childhood Day is an opportunity for individuals and groups to come together and celebrate how precious childhood is.

We worked closely with their team through a focussed Design Sprint to deliver key recommendations for the development of a new digital element to the annual campaign.


Implementing digital to drive event income and engagement

Previously the Childhood Day campaign had not involved digital, so the team at the NSPCC were keen to understand how digital channels could help drive income and increase engagement of the event.

Manifesto used the Google Design Sprint model to drive a focussed facilitation process to explore this opportunity and split the sprint into three key phases: discovery, ideation and validation.


Using Design Sprints to facilitate ideation

The discovery phase included a set of ‘lightning talks’ which provided insights and focus areas for the rest of the process. The team reflected on audiences, explored insight, research and competitor solutions, which concluded with a clear definition of internal and external audience needs for the product.

During ideation, the team identified the opportunities available to the NSPCC in relation to the challenge. They worked to prioritise these into a set of core user journeys. The group targeted one priority journey for testing and produced a set of new product features. These features explored ways to engage the target audience.

The result of the design sprint was a campaign microsite and supporting email campaign. After the sprint Manifesto’s UX and creative team produced a clickable prototype of this journey to use for testing. This included creative routes for the look and feel of the campaign idea on desktop and mobile.


Delivering a new product to market

This strategic and collaborative work provided a solid starting point for the development of a digital campaign for Childhood Day, with the test proving users are inspired by the look and feel of the campaign idea and the campaign proposition.

Manifesto produced an extensive report to cover the outcomes, highlighting a set of recommendations and next steps for delivering the product to market.


How this helps us on your project

Our experienced team can deliver innovation workshops to support your team through rapid prototyping of concepts and design, to prove their potential impact for an organisation. Our expertise in user experience design extends far beyond the web and can help you engage audiences across a variety of events, technologies and touch-points.

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