iPhysio - case study

Identifying muscle and joint pain with conversational AI

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Some 18.8 million British adults, or 3 in 10 people, suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. They affect the joints, bones and muscles. More years are lived with a musculoskeletal disability than any other long term condition, according to NHS England.

There are around 200 different musculoskeletal conditions. But a large number of these can, with the correct assessment and advice, be self-treated safely in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

iPhysio provides pain assessment and treatment advice for common muscle and joint pain. But the organisation wanted a new way to provide support to a growing number of sufferers.


Supplying free support to more people

Manifesto was brought onboard by iPhysio to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use platform which musculoskeletal pain sufferers would find simple and intuitive – no matter who the user, or what device they are using to access the support service from.

iPhysio’s intention was to provide this service as a free and quick assessment. That way, the organisation could still share its comprehensive, expert-backed treatment advice. Whilst, at the same time, helping a whole lot more people on the road to recovery.


An AI-enabled pain assessment platform

Using conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Manifesto developed an automated software which could gather relevant information from its users quickly, and accurately.

By asking a series of easy-to-answer questions about users’ symptoms, the machine-powered platform could generate just as trustworthy an assessment of a person’s pain as a human expert. 

The platform used OpenDialog’s web chat module, created by Manifesto’s sister firm Greenshoot Labs. This way, it could interact with users, whilst also being delivered in a scalable open-source framework which allows for the control of data.



Supporting the road to recovery

iPhysio has, since the platform went live, been able to provide free access to its support with little to no barriers to all who need it. By introducing an AI-enabled component to its service, the organisation can guarantee immediate access to its expert advice. Rather than expecting sufferers of musculoskeletal pain to wait for doctors appointments or specialist referrals.

You can take a look at the iPhysio platform we developed here.

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