Guiding digital transformation at Marie Curie

Strategy: Coaching, Transformation partnerships

Marie Curie Cancer Care are undergoing a 3-year digital transformation programme: updating their tools, technologies and strategies to fulfill the digital ambitions of the charity. They identified Agile methodologies as a way of working that could support their goals and needed to work out how to use them to get the most value from the transformation.


What we did

We worked with the Marie Curie team to help them articulate their digital fundraising ambitions. We helped them work out how best to use Agile methods to deliver maximum value from their digital transformation and we provided coaching and facilitation to help the development team make the transition. We also ran an Agile pilot with the Marie Curie communications teams (PR, Marketing, Creative, Brand and Digital) to help those teams find ways to deliver more value with greater transparency.

How it went

The process is ongoing but the teams at Marie Curie have made considerable progress towards a unified understanding of Agile and Scrum. Communication within and across teams, and between teams and stakeholders, has improved markedly and there’s been a clear shift towards greater collaboration rather than teams working in silos.

How this helps us on your project

Our Agile consultancy, facilitation and coaching expertise means that no matter how far down the path towards Agile mastery they are we can help your teams deliver even more value.

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