Building campaign sites which drive action on climate change

Campaign: Content and experience management, Integration and bespoke development

Meat Free Monday aims to raise awareness of the impact of meat eating on climate change by encouraging people to forgo meat for one day per week. The campaign was launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009.

The organisation needed help delivering speedy, responsive, stable user journeys for key audiences, with the aim of growing those audiences, keeping them engaged with timely, relevant content, and persuading them to take action to protect the climate at critical moments.

What we did

We’ve been helping improve the digital experience for Meat Free Monday audiences for a number of years.

Redesigning the Meat Free Monday website

The MfM website needed an overhaul to help improve page-load times, encourage newsletter sign ups and provide a more stable solution to gathering and publishing user-contributed content in the form of recipes.

We refreshed the design in line with brand guidelines. We created a new, responsive theme for the WordPress-based website, allowing the best possible presentation of content across devices. We also rationalised a large number of plugins, dramatically improving the site’s performance, and migrated the site onto WP Engine’s specialist hosting platform for further performance gains.

Meat Free Monday website

We created a range of editorial tools to help the MfM team develop the content, including new schools and arts competition sections. We also added a reliable mechanism for gathering newsletter sign-ups and optimised the site for search engine visibility.

Rapidly building a microsite for the Climate Pledge campaign

The Meat Free Monday Climate Pledge campaign, headed by Mary and Stella McCartney, asked people to pledge their support for a weekly meat-free day in the run up to the UN Climate Summit in September 2014. They needed a one-page website to capture the pledges.

Meat Free Monday climate pledge site

We worked quickly to build a microsite on the WordPress platform that could capture pledges via an online form. With hosting provided by WP Engine’s cloud platform, the site was capable of meeting a steep ramp up in demand over short time-frames.

How it went

The Meat Free Monday website was relaunched with average page-load times reduced from over 6 seconds to under 2 seconds, and improved stability. We are now supporting the site on a long-term basis, regularly delivering improvements to further help the editorial team attract and engage users with digital content and accelerate the progress of the campaign.

In the two weeks before the UN Climate Summit, the climate pledge campaign gathered tens of thousands of sign ups, helped along by the social media reach of #MFMclimatepledge and a video message by Sir Paul McCartney that went viral.

How this helps us on your project

We understand the challenges faced by small teams trying to make a big difference. We can recommend technical solutions that minimise pain points for users and editorial teams alike. In conjunction with WP Engine, we can help you quickly build robust, secure WordPress websites which are capable of dealing with large fluctuations in demand, so that you can respond quickly to fast-moving opportunities.

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