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Parkinson’s UK drives better care, treatments and quality of life for people living with the condition. They work with the international research community to develop life-changing treatments, faster. And they won’t stop until they find a cure.

The charity wanted to launch a new campaign for Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2017 to raise urgently needed funds for Parkinson’s research under the campaign name We Won’t Wait. This would be their first integrated fundraising campaign for Parkinson’s Awareness Week, with a target of recruiting tens of thousands of new financial supporters to help the charity deliver its ambitious new research strategy. They were looking for something that was different, that was creative, and that would capture the details of potential long-term supporters.

What we did

We worked closely with the team at Parkinson’s UK to set campaign objectives that would deliver real long-term value for the organisation, and to devise a strategy for achieving them. Together, we identified three potential target audiences: people living with Parkinson’s and existing supporters (very warm audience); people who know someone with Parkinson’s (lukewarm audience); and people who are unaware of, or have only a basic understanding of Parkinson’s (cold audience).

Supporter-get-supporter strategy

To support the aims of raising awareness and building support for research into new and better treatments for people living with Parkinson’s, we devised a strategy for empowering the very warm audience to act as brand champions. We would target these supporters with engaging communications and give them the tools they needed to amplify the campaign messages across social media.

Personalised video

People with Parkinson’s and their families were invited to create a personalised video message on a campaign microsite, and then share the video with their social media connections. Personalised video technology made it possible to interweave people’s personal stories with core campaign messages using just a couple of images and short text snippets from the user.

User journeys tailored to each audience

Meanwhile, the lukewarm and cold audiences were presented with different user journeys in which they watched a personalised version of the campaign hero video before being asked to register their support and make a donation.

Supporting content

Alongside the personalised content we helped create additional videos telling the stories of real people living with Parkinson’s, illuminating some of the less-well-known aspects of the condition and explaining how new and better treatments could improve their lives.

How it went

The campaign launched on the first day of Parkinson’s Awareness Week, April 10th 2017, with email communications tailored to the very warm audience. We Won’t Wait empowered over 500 people living with Parkinson’s to share their stories via personalised video messages. And in October 2017 the We Won’t Wait microsite won an Acquia Engage Award, showcasing the best in digital experiences, in the nonprofit category.

Raising awareness

Over the 21-day campaign, more than 68,000 people watched 100% of the hero video, while more than 340k people watched at least 10 seconds. The campaign prompted conversations about symptoms and treatments for Parkinson’s on social media which involved hundreds of people and helped inform a much wider audience about less-well-known aspects of the condition.

Amplifying voices

By giving the charity’s most motivated supporters the tools they needed to create their own personalised video messages, the campaign facilitated thousands more social shares and brought the campaign message to a secondary audience. Over 82% of traffic to the campaign microsite originated from social media shares. The average time spent on the microsite was almost 3 minutes (02:54), more than double the Parkinson’s UK site average (01:18) over the same period.

Recruiting support

The campaign microsite collected donations from thousands of new supporters and captured the details of thousands more, all of whom can now be nurtured by the charity with further opportunities to help fund a new wave of Parkinson’s research. In total, over 500,000 people took some sort of action during the campaign – driving real engagement during Parkinson’s Awareness Week and beyond.

How this helps us on your project

Our audience-centred approach helps us design resonant campaign creatives and effective user journeys for different subsets of your target audience. Our technological expertise helps us employ the latest storytelling technologies to attract and engage target audiences with contextually appropriate content which drives them to take action.



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