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Personalising digital engagement for supporters

Campaign: Content and experience management

Manifesto worked with Anthony Nolan to provide a research-driven, digitally focused, audience insights and recommendations piece to enable Anthony Nolan to make digital engagement with donors, patients and supporters, personal and purposeful.


“In order to help us better understand our audiences, we felt we needed a partner who could understand what makes us unique as an organisation. Manifesto quickly developed a clear sense of who we are and what we are trying to achieve, which meant that they were able to build trust with stakeholders and empathy with our audiences. The insights we gained challenged some assumptions as well as validating others, and have provided a completely new perspective into how to conceive of and communicate with our supporters, patients and customers. This has put us in a strong position to develop content that is relevant and meaningful to the people it’s aimed at, allowing us to become personal and purposeful through our website and other digital channels and should also have applications for how we structure products and services more widely in future.”

James Small, Head of Digital Engagement at Anthony Nolan


Understanding audiences to increase engagement and improve user journeys

The team at Manifesto carried out in-depth and extensive audience and stakeholder research. Spanning Anthony Nolan’s broad range of audiences, we interviewed over 40 individuals and groups as well as conducting a survey with 300+ respondents. Through thematic analysis, we were able to synthesise this large amount of information into six ‘behavioural’ personas and corresponding experience maps.

The behavioural personas were built on the needs, motivations, experiences and emotions of these audiences, so that Anthony Nolan could understand what drives their audiences to engage with the charity, whether that was through donating stem cells, bone marrow, money or their time.

Experience maps were designed to highlight key moments where opportunities exist to create and improve meaningful experiences for Anthony Nolan’s audiences.


Highlighting opportunities to enhance engagement

The UX team at Manifesto highlighted clear opportunities to enhance audience engagement throughout their lifecycle; from the awareness stage, or requiring specific medical information, to becoming a long-term supporter. This enabled us to make specific content recommendations for specific audience requirements in order to enhance and support their experience, and keep them engaged in Anthony Nolan’s life-saving work.


Steering UX, content creation and solution design

Further to the audience research, the team at Manifesto developed five guiding principles from the insights and themes identified during the user and stakeholder research. Principles designed to create a personalised, user-centred experience that supports both the needs of users and the organisational goals.

Playback of the findings and recommendations report to wider teams within Anthony Nolan generated a large amount of reframing and understanding of their audiences. 

Manifesto have since successfully tendered for the next phase of the website programme and have been appointed as their UX & Design partner.


How this helps us on your project

To keep pace with the technological, cultural and political change which is rapidly altering the needs, motivations and behaviours of your key audiences requires an audience-centred approach. Our experienced researchers and strategists can help you put the audience at the heart of your strategy, giving you the frameworks, processes and tools you need to produce content, campaigns, products and services that deliver for your audience and your business.

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