Our work: NSPCC

Building an audience-centred digital strategy

Experience: Research and strategy

The NSPCC needed help navigating a period of digital transformation, benchmarking their progress, and supporting the wider organisation to understand their audiences, optimise content and confidently deliver supporter journeys.


Supporting digital transformation

The NSPCC is currently in the midst of a major digital transformation to ensure they can meet the evolving needs of supporters. They engaged Manifesto to support this in four key ways: by benchmarking the organisation’s progress and providing recommendations on how to approach major change; by helping the organisation focus on its key audiences and understand their needs; by providing a new website Information Architecture; and by collaborating on a new content strategy to meet the needs of the organisation’s varied users.

Mapping the way to digital excellence

After immersing themselves in the NSPCC’s strategy, research and ways of working, the team from Manifesto devised a series of research and collaboration initiatives. Workshops, user research and analysis – including a large user survey and a series of depth interviews with stakeholders yielded a new set of eight digital content personas, a new user-centred information architecture and a content strategy comprising content principles, an easy-to-use content prism and training for the charity’s content creators. We also devised a bespoke benchmarking framework to help the NSPCC understand what digital excellence looks like and identify four key enablers with concrete recommendations for embracing and implementing Digital.

Confidently weaving digital through organisational strategy

Teams at the NSPCC are already putting the new digital content strategy into practice, confidently creating content that is compelling, relevant and meets the needs of users. Our new IA and site structure guides and informs ongoing redevelopment of the organisation’s main website to improve experiences for all users. The digital benchmarking report is helping NSPCC to accelerate digital transformation and formulate a new long-term organisational strategy, where digital is woven into organisational aims and objectives.


 “I am delighted with the quality of input and output from the Manifesto team who through proactive collaboration and smart processes learned quickly about our multifunctional teams and priorities and built rapport and confidence. We feel better equipped to deliver compelling relevant effective content that provides value to our different audiences thanks to the quality work we have done together.” – Clive Gardiner, Head of Digital, NSPCC


How this helps us on your project

We are entering an era of unprecedented technological, cultural and political change which is rapidly altering the needs, motivations and behaviours of your key audiences. To keep pace with this change requires an audience-centred approach and an organisation that can adapt quickly. Our experienced researchers and strategists can help you put the audience at the heart of your strategy, giving you the frameworks, processes and tools you need to produce content, campaigns, products and services that deliver for your audience and your business.

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