Our work: Ramblers

Spurring action with campaign strategy and content

Experience: Design and prototyping, Engagement and acquisition, Motion and immersive content

Manifesto helped Ramblers create an army of ‘path protectors’ to stand up for the public rights of way and access to the countryside. A compelling campaign journey, featuring original motion content, promoted through precision-targeting of Facebook ads, drove action and generated value beyond the life of the campaign.


Driving action to protect Britain’s public path network

With the future maintenance of paths under threat as Britain prepares to leave the EU, Ramblers needed help encouraging their audiences to become path protectors, and lobby their MP for an Agriculture Bill which protects and enhances public rights of way. The charity engaged Manifesto to help identify the right channels and targeting to reach their audiences, construct a campaign journey which spoke to the passions of likely path protectors, and devise engaging content to drive visitors to the ‘Email your MP’ action.

Precision-targeted paid social powered by engaging content

We worked closely with the team at Ramblers to devise a campaign strategy and content to drive people from seven distinct audiences to email their MP. We used highly-targeted digital advertising to drive traffic to a Facebook Instant Experience to educate the audience about the challenges facing Britain’s path network and capture the details of engaged visitors as leads via Facebook Lead ads. The journey we designed used inspiring outdoor imagery, in combination with video testimony from path users, to drive action, and original, animated motion content and visual assets to help their team support the wider campaign across channels.


Driving action and generating beyond-campaign value

The campaign reached a total of a quarter of a million people, resulting in 3,470 emails to MPs. In addition to these campaign actions, 1,219 leads were captured in Facebook, adding valuable new contacts to Ramblers’ database of potential supporters. And, beyond the campaign, Manifesto also used the data to generate useful recommendations to inform future digital marketing activity, including how tracking and reporting can be optimised across channels. The campaign has since been nominated for three awards, including a Campaign Tech Award for Best Lead Generation Campaign, and a BIMA Award for Data and Performance Marketing.




How this helps us on your project

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive sales, or simply build awareness, our experienced strategists can help you determine the right channels and targeting options to reach your audiences in a way that’s effective and economical. Our talented content designers can find the messages that resonate with the passions of your audiences, and present them in a way that’s not only engaging, but also drives valuable action.




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